• Round 1 - HK Army Classic 2020

    Professional – February 14th/15th/16th

    Semipro – February 15th/16th

    Amateur – February 8th

    Novice – February 9th

  • Round 2 - DLX Cup - 2020

    Professional – May 15th/16th/17th

    Semipro – May 16th/17th

    Amateur – May 9th

    Novice – May 10th

  • Round 3 - Planet Eclipse Open - 2020

    Professional – August 7th/8th/9th

    Semipro – August 8th/9th

    Amateur – August 1st

    Novice – August 2nd

  • Round 4 - Paintballshop.com Masters - 2020

    Professional – November 27th/28th/29th

    Semipro – November 28th/29th

    Amateur – November 21st

    Novice – November 22nd

2020 is going to be a massive season for the Australian Super 7s Series.

If you haven’t already checked the front page for all the major news this year, please do so here!

New Paintball Regulations in NSW have started to really increase the number of people who own their own paintball marker and now kids as young as 12 can play paintball so we are seeing more and more teams with kids under 16 for the first time.

Our popular Novice Division is back again to allow players who have never experienced tournament paintball to get involved.

We will be running the AWESOME PLANET ECLIPSE ETHA 2 WITH ROTOR LOADER SYSTEM AND 4500 AIRSYSTEMS as the Novice Marker to keep things fair!

PLEASE NOTE: No own guns allowed!

Again, please check out the front page for all the details.

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Who do you think will win the 2020 Series of the Super Sevens, and more importantly why do you think this team will win?