2016 Press Release

Press Release :

I am very happy with all of the new WPBO format, rules and regulations (except for the rate of fire).

It is official, after talks with Action John, the Super 7s Rules Official we have agreed that the 2016 Super 7s is going down to 10.5bps for Divisions 1 – 3. Division 4 is going back to Mechanical triggers.

So, Australian Paintballers need to start practicing with their guns at the new slower capped rate of fire.

I am a little sad… social punters around the country will be able to shoot faster rates of fire than the best players at the top paintball competition in Australia. It is kind of like being able to go to the local go kart track in karts that are more than twice as fast as Formula 1 cars.

That said, the new WPBO will hopefully mean a big jump for the promotion of paintball as a truly world sport!

The Australian Super 7s is fully supportive of the new World Paintball Organisation aka the “WPBO” and what they are trying to achieve for the benefit of worldwide competition paintball and will follow to the best of our abilities the full format as put down by the WPBO.

So good luck to all the players and teams playing around the world and of course in Australia in the National Paintball Championship Series, the Super 7s in this, what is hopefully, the beginning of a new age of world paintball competition!

Michael Whybrew
Series Promoter
Australian Super 7s

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