New Players Only

To play the Super7s Novice, you are not allowed to own your own gun, this means you wont be playing against season vets!

Valken SW-1 Rental Gun FREE

Every player get use of a Valken SW-1 upgrade gun and a 4500 air system. If you need other gear like goggles, overalls, and ammo belt, we supply them as well!

2016 WPBO Sup Air Fields

You will be playing on a symmetrical 2016 SupAir Inflatable field! This is a super-fast and fun style of paintball that you will want to play over and over!

What Does It Look Like?  Watch Below.


10 Reasons to Give Novice a Go!

  • Only available to NEW players who do NOT own their own gun

    We like to keep an even playing field

  • Entry includes hire of the Valken SW-1 paintball gun

    Free $25.00 Marker Hire

  • Cheap paintballs! ($100.00 for 2000)

    Buy as much as you want! Most people only shoot 1-2 boxes.

  • It is crazzy fun!

    You just have to try it.

  • A level playing field with newer players.

  • Free photos uploaded to Facebook!

  • The chance to win your own set of goggles.

  • Win a trophy!

  • Cheap Entrance Fees

  • Experience the thrill of TOURNAMENT paintball.

Novice 2015 Gallery