New Players Only

To play the Super7s Novice, you are not allowed to own your own gun, this means you wont be playing against season vets!

GOG eNMEy Rental Gun FREE

Every player gets use of a GOG eNMEy upgrade gun and a 4500 air system. If you need other gear like goggles, overalls, and ammo belt, we supply them as well!

2016 WPBO Sup Air Fields

You will be playing on a symmetrical 2016 SupAir Inflatable field! This is a super-fast and fun style of paintball that you will want to play over and over!

What Does It Look Like?  Watch Below.


10 Reasons to Give Novice a Go!

  • Only available to NEW players who do NOT own their own gun

    We like to keep an even playing field

  • Entry includes hire of the GOG eNMEy paintball gun

    Free $30.00 Marker Hire

  • Cheap paintballs! ($100.00 for 2000)

    Buy as much as you want! Most people only shoot 1-2 boxes.

  • It is crazy fun!

    You just have to try it.

  • A level playing field with newer players

  • Free photos uploaded to Facebook!

  • Win great prizes for 1st place!

    The team who places 1st will win free entry to the next Super 7s Novice Event PLUS 3 x boxes of Killer Paintballs!

  • Cheap entrance fee!

    Get in for Early Bird Registration and pay $120 per team for entry! Normal registration pricing after this is $170 per team.

  • Experience the thrill of TOURNAMENT paintball

Novice 2015 Gallery